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Lingo Service Translations is a UK translation agency with more than a decade of experience in delivering professional translation services to clients across the globe. Our mission is to break language barriers and bridge cultural differences for a better connected world.




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London represents a growing hub of business, education, and modern life that draws in people from all over the world. Lingo Service’s office sits in the midst of the action, ready to serve the ever-growing community of people with new ideas, projects, and linguistic needs. We focus forward on an efficient and productive global economy while standing firmly rooted in strong and steadfast values.


Cardiff is the Capital City of Wales, located along the South East coast of the country which has undergone a complex, yet fascinating journey over the last 2000 years. Our Cardiff office opened its doors back in 2013 and was one of the fastest-growing translation service providers, emerging from a growing financial city that is very proud of its rich culture, vibrant history and ancient language. Cardiff has a lot of potentials, constantly being developed with a thriving business and work opportunities being offered all the time.

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Accredited Translations

Lingo Service Translations operates as a UK-based translation company. We hold ISO 9001 certification for quality management and ISO 17100 certification for translation service excellence.

These certifications guide our established procedures in alignment with globally acknowledged ISO Standards. Our goal is to consistently deliver excellent translation services with our advanced technology and human proficiency.

Our strong dedication to quality shines through our ISO certifications. We not only follow the best practices in the industry, but we also focus on meeting customer needs. Our skilled team works diligently to ensure every translation project maintains the utmost quality standards.

ISO Certified Translation Company

In addition, Lingo Service holds a corporate membership with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Established in 1986, ITI stands as the sole independent professional association for active translators and interpreters in the United Kingdom.

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Expert Linguistics

We have a large database of linguists, certified translators, interpreters, voice-over artists, and localization experts from various parts of the world. They offer a wide range of translation services.

In addition, We have experience working with many different types of businesses, including technology companies, medical groups, law firms, financial professionals, and marketing agencies.

No matter what industry your business belongs to, we have the expertise to provide you with professionally translated and certified documents every time. Our team at Lingo Service consists of native speakers in the target language, combined with deep expertise in their respective domains.

In contrast, We ensure that all our translators specialise in at least one area of translation and are native speakers of the language they translate into. This approach guarantees accurate use of terminology and phrasing.

When the original document uses the right technical language and terms, our translations maintain the same level of technical accuracy, ensuring a seamless reading experience.

In comparison, If a translator does not understand certain terms or how to construct sentences correctly in the target language, they will not be able to deliver the most accurate and professionally written translation for you.

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