Birth Certificate Translation

Official Birth Certificate Translation in All Major Languages.

Birth Certificate Translation

Approved Certified Translation Services

Our birth certificate translation services are accepted by the Home Office, the UK Passport Office, and all UK authorities.

UK Certified Translation for Birth Certificates

When you are requested to submit a certified translation of birth certificate, you should only contact an authorised and registered translation agency in UK where the certified translation of birth certificate will be accepted and recognised by governmental authorities such as Home Office, UK Border Agency, Courts of Law, and other government agencies. Our certified translation generally comes along with a signed and stamped declaration to state that the document is translated accurately including all information from the original document.

Notarised translation of birth certificate
Our notary translation services for birth certificates are available in all major world languages. if you have been asked to provide a notarised translation of your birth certificate, we can definitely help you with that, just ask your project manager about our range of translation and notary services. If you also require an FCO apostille affixed to your translation, we can arrange it for you as part of our range of official translation services to suit your needs and.

Why Lingo service should be your choice for your Birth certificate translation.
If you are looking for a translation agency in the UK, who will provide you with professional certified translation services for your birth certificate, then Lingo Service is the ideal choice for you.

Lingo Service Translations is a professional translation service agency with offices in London and Cardiff. We provide high-quality certified translation services through a team of qualified translators for Legal Document Translation in over 100 languages.

Translation in All Major Languages

We provide professional certified translation services for birth certificates and official documents in over 200 languages.

Professional Certificate Translation

Lingo Service offers professional certificate translation for visa and citizenship applications including

Easy steps to order your Language Translation

  • Prepare a scanned copy or a good photo of the documents.

  • Upload them directly via our online form or email them to us.

  • One of our project managers will promptly reply with a quote.

  • Once you accept our quote and payment is received, we will begin the translation process.

  • You receive a certified digital copy via email and another hard copy in the post.

Accredited Translation

In addition, Lingo Service is a Member of the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Furthermore, we proudly maintain certification to ISO 9001 and 17001 standards. These achievements demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality translation and interpreting services while adhering to internationally recognized quality management practices.

Certified ISO Translation Agency
Accurate and Reliable Translation

Lingo service is a professional translation service agency providing fast, accurate and reliable translation services to its clients. Furthermore, we value the time of our clients and understand how important the time factor can be for your translation requirements.

Accurate and Reliable Service
Fast Translation Quote

Let Lingo Service Translations be your trusted partner for all your legal translation needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and a quote tailored to your specific requirements. We look forward to helping you and aim to reply to all emails within 15 – 30 minutes during working hours, when possible.

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