Chinese Translation

Chinese translation service

Chinese Translation

Lingo Service offer Chinese to English and English to Chinese Translation services.

Our Chinese translators are professional and certified with a minimum of 5 years of translation experience.

From marketing to legal translation,your project will be handled by professionals in the subject matter and terminology. Our certified Chinese translations are accepted by the UK Home Office. 

Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation

Chinese documents including marriage and birth certificates, Chinese product lables, safety instructions and all types of documents.

Chinese Language Services

One-stop for your Chinese translation project. We handle projects that are of technical nature such as software and website translation, desktop publishing and Chinese voice over.

The nature of these projects makes it hard for individual translators to complete on their own, so we gather a team of translators and other specialists such as desktop publishing or localisation experts that are Chinese natives to work together.

Our turnaround times are among the quickest in the business and our attention to detail ensures quality.

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