Divorce Certificate Translation

Official and certified translation services for divorce certificates in over 200 languages.

Divorce Certificate Translation

Approved Certified Translation Services

Our Certified Translations for divorce certificates are accepted by the Home Office, the UK Passport Office, and most UK authorities.

Certified Translation for Divorce Certificates

A divorce certificate is a document for the dissolution or ending of a marriage before one of the spouse dies. These certificates are absolutely necessary for legal purposes. If you have been married to a person previously but the marriage is now annulled, it is important that you have a proper divorce certificate to prove such an annulment. Otherwise, your spouse can make legal claims of being a shareholder of your properties and assets. Therefore, for a number of different official obligations, as well as protecting yourself from being exploited by a jilted ex. Having a divorce certificate is a must.

The reason for translating divorce certificates and the need for a professional translator

There are many reasons why people need to translate divorce certificates. If you are moving from one country to another, for visa applications, these certificates are required to be translated into English or any other language so that it can prove your marital status.

Divorce certificates are sometimes required while applying for immigration to the UK. A divorce certificate is a legally binding document that allows you to prove that your marriage was officially terminated by a judge of the court.

If you have made plans to marry another person, you would be again required to have a valid divorce certificate, for your marriage to be recognised by a court of law as legal. Applying for changing your legal name would also require a divorce certificate if you had previously used your husband’s surname for all official purposes.

If these documents were issued in a different country other than the UK, translation becomes absolutely necessary. If you plan to protect your assets and properties from being exploited by your ex-partner, having a properly translated divorce certificate is a must so that you can prove in front of the court that your marriage is no longer binding and your property is your own after having paid whatever settlement the court had asked you to in the form of alimony or support.

Since the certificate contains a lot of important information about the person and other technical terminology, it should be translated properly by a professional service provider who would be able to translate the words accurately in English. The divorce date, reasons, etc. should be included in the same format as they were in the original. Until the divorce is finalised, the person will not be able to remarry. So the certificate should be precise and legally accepted, which can only be ensured by a professional.

Choosing the best divorce certificate translation service

Our certified translation services include divorce certificate translation as well. We provide quick and accurate translation services for your divorce certificates, while the entire service is extremely cost-effective.

Being members of the ITI, our certificates are certified and legally accepted by all major houses for official purposes in the UK. Here at Lingo Service, we provide absolutely precise translations, for many different languages. Our customers are fully satisfied with the translation services provided by us, as we help them overcome linguistic barriers with the help of the most comprehensive translation services.

Having had many years of experience and expertise as one of the top providers of document translation services in the UK, we have been able to provide a stellar quality of translation service simply because of our dedicated and talented translators who are linguistic experts in many different languages. So quit thinking and contact us at the earliest to get the best divorce certificate translation services.

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We provide professional certified translation services for divorce certificates and official documents in over 200 languages.

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Lingo Service offers professional certificate translation for visa and citizenship applications including

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In addition, Lingo Service is a Member of the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Furthermore, we proudly maintain certification to ISO 9001 and 17001 standards. These achievements demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality translation and interpreting services while adhering to internationally recognized quality management practices.

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