Certified Driving Licence Translation Services

Official and certified translation services for driving licence in over 200 languages.

Driving Licence Translation

Approved Certified Translation Services

Our certified translations for driving licence are accepted by DVLA, the Home Office, UK Passport Office, and most UK authorities.

UK & European Driving License Translation

A driving licence is an official document issued only by governmental authorities in order to permit the owner to drive motor vehicles on highways or other roads.

Why would you need a translation service for your driving licence?
Translation of a driving licence is sometimes required for different reasons. If you happen to hold a driving licence in a foreign language rather than English, getting it translated is a major requirement when you are trying to drive a vehicle in the UK. A driving licence also acts as proof of identification and can be used for other legal needs.

The need for a professional translator
The best way to opt for driving Licence translation services in the UK is to hire a professional translation agency because only a professional can guarantee that no mistakes will be committed. Your driving Licence carries much important information and having them translated inaccurately can create a lot of problems for you, even making you vulnerable to legal repercussions for fraud. It is a government identity proof and you are required by law to have only accurate details be a part of it. Only a professional translation service provider can guarantee that no errors will be committed.

Hire only the best translator
If you are searching for a translation agency in the UK for a driving licence, Lingo Services is the best in this regard. We are an authorised translation agency. Our translation is accepted by the home office as well as most of the UK authorities. Being an ITI member, we are capable of providing you with a quick and accurate translation that is certified and also available at a competitive rate. Our expertise in driving license translation services is exceptional owing to the many translators that we hire, who are experts in various languages as well as English, allowing them to translate any document from the language they are proficient in into English, upon which they have equal prowess. Driving Licenses hold many important data and it is important that each is translated precisely. We are dependable from every aspect and you can trust us without hesitation. Therefore instead of waiting, just give us a call and book our services as soon as possible. We are eager to serve you.

Translation in All Major Languages

We provide professional certified translation services for drivers licences and official documents in over 200 languages.

Professional Certificate Translation

Lingo Service offers professional certificate translation for visa and citizenship applications including

Easy steps to order your Language Translation

  • Prepare a scanned copy or a good photo of the documents.

  • Upload them directly via our online form or email them to us.

  • One of our project managers will promptly reply with a quote.

  • Once you accept our quote and payment is received, we will begin the translation process.

  • You receive a certified digital copy via email and another hard copy in the post.

Accredited Translation

In addition, Lingo Service is a Member of the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Furthermore, we proudly maintain certification to ISO 9001 and 17001 standards. These achievements demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality translation and interpreting services while adhering to internationally recognized quality management practices.

Certified ISO Translation Agency
Accurate and Reliable Translation

Lingo service is a professional translation service agency providing fast, accurate and reliable translation services to its clients. Furthermore, we value the time of our clients and understand how important the time factor can be for your translation requirements.

Accurate and Reliable Service