Translation Industries

Transitioning seamlessly into specialized domains, Lingo Service Translations remains a leading agency with an unwavering commitment to exceptional language solutions. Particularly, our impeccable track record attests to unmatched translation services across diverse industries. Possessing mastery in myriad languages, our skilled translators ensure communication knows no bounds.

Moreover, central to our expertise are Medical, Technical, and Legal Document Translations, where precision is paramount. Transitioning seamlessly, we dismantle language barriers, facilitating global communication by accurately translating medical reports, technical manuals, and legal documents. With a repertoire spanning over 200 languages, we foster cross-cultural understanding and forge impactful global connections.

Furthermore, with an unyielding dedication to excellence, we guarantee translations that are precise, clear, and rich in cultural nuance, upheld by rigorous quality control. Clients entrust us with crucial content, valuing our methodical approach that encapsulates the essence beyond mere words. Transitioning seamlessly, Lingo Service Translations transcends the role of a mere provider; we stand as your partners, facilitating the overcoming of language barriers for unparalleled global success.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation

However, we provide legal translation services from experts having years of experience translating a range of different types of documents, including contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), patent applications, and more.

Medical Translation

Medical translations must be accurate, flawless, without any errors or mistakes. Additionally, confidentiality is also of equal importance to accuracy and it is always a high priority for Lingo Service.

Medical Service
Finance Service

Finance Translation

We handle all types of finance and accounting-related translations, including balance sheets, income statements, reports to shareholders, prospectuses, and more. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in the finance industry and experts at translating business documents accurately.

Technology Translation

Our translation and technical experts can help you make subtle changes to your technology and software content to resonate better with your target audience. We always consider cultural sensitivities when translating for different countries.

Technology Service

Technical Translation

Lingo Service specialises in providing high-quality, professional technical translation services, working with certified technical translators and proofreaders who have extensive technology industry experience and recognised qualifications within their specific specialisation.

E-learning Translation

Lingo Service has an expert team of developers, translators and project managers who will help you translate your e-learning courses and educational materials into all major languages.