Software Translation and Localisation Services

Our technology and software translation and localisation services are the optimal solution to maximising your digital reach.

What is Software Localisation?

Technology and software localisation is one of the most sought-after services as the technology and software industries are constantly growing. In fact, the digital industry is a huge market for new technologies as people have started to rely more on digital solutions instead of physical ones.

Maximising Your Digital Reach with Software Localisation

Whether you have a new app, website, or software in development for your company, you need to have it translated to sell worldwide. This is where Lingo Service’s technology and software translation and localisation services come into play, as we have the best translators specialising in this niche field.

Our industry-leading translation software and technology localisation services will help you reach your target audience around the world, as we understand the culture and language differences. We know what to translate and how to translate it so that your new technology is well-received.

Multilingual software localisation

You can’t always literally translate your technology content. Sometimes, it’s necessary to change the meaning slightly or change certain phrases to be more acceptable and understandable to the Arab market.

This is where our software translation expertise shines, as we can help you make subtle changes to your technology and software content to resonate better with people in different regions. We always consider cultural sensitivities when translating for different countries.

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Why Lingo Service?

Whether you need to translate a software or an application to make it more accessible to users from different countries, Lingo Service is the trusted translation agency for you. The following reasons make us stand out from the crowd:

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