Interpreting Service in London, UK

Lingo Service provides instant interpreting services in over 120 languages. Interpreting services have two forms of interpretation; consecutive and simultaneous. The latter would have concurrent translations while the speaker speaks, whereas the former would be “whispered interpretation”.

Our professional interpreting service rates are cost effective and we cover London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds and worldwide.

Business Interpreting Communication

Interpreting services are a must for all international businesses. They enable companies to reach out further and conduct more business. However, before you hire any agency, it is important to check their records. They should be able to offer you a professional team of interpreters who between them are able to interpret as many languages as you require.

Global Interpretation Services

Businesses are expanding far and wide, and interpreting services are therefore a must for any international venture. They make effective communication easier and should be treated as a necessity. International businesses often need to hold seminars and conferences on foreign shores or on their own soil for their foreign clients at some point. To give the right impression, even on a personal level, you must woo your clients by having the right interpreting services available.

Escorted interpreting services

This is the form of interpretation which is generally used by business travellers and diplomats, where an interpreter accompanies the clients on all their trips. It is to be noted that today “phone interpretation” is also considered to be escorted interpretation services.

Interpretation cannot be meditated upon, especially if it is concurrent. There is no chance to revise what one says and interprets; hence it is important to choose experienced and high quality interpreters who know their jobs well, have excellent linguistic skills, a high level of concentration when working, and are culturally aware and sensitive to other customs. This helps your business understand the needs of the client and ensures your deals are well cared for.

When you hire experts from our interpreting services, they will have the advantage of extensive experience so you don’t have to spend time training them to suit your needs.  Lingo Service has professional interpreters who can help you with your requirements in any language.

We offer the following interpretation services:

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