Italian Translation

italian translation service

Italian Translation, traduzione italiana

Italian - English - Italian translation is among the many language services we offer at Lingo Service.

We specialise in the translation to and from Italian of legal, marketing, financial, manufacturing and technical documents.

Certified Italian translation services

  • Italian Marriage Certificates
  • Italian Birth Certificate
  • Italian Passport Translations
  • Italian Diploma Translation

Italian Sworn Translators to certify your documents

You might need to legalise your translated documents, we would advise you to check with the authorities beforehand. Please let us know if you require sworn Italian translation

Translations workflow process

  • Translation

Our experienced native Italian translators are professionals and only translate to their mother tongue, they use the latest translation terminology to guarantee the best results.

  • Proofreading or Spelling Check

This service is a must if the Italian text is going to be published, we assign a second translator or proof-reader who is a native Italian speaker and specialises in the subject area of the text. If you just want a draft translation, then this is the best service for you, we check the translation insuring that there are no spelling mistakes.