Legal Translation

Legal Translation Services

We at Lingo provide accurate, high-quality legal translation services accepted by the UK authroties. We completely understand the importance of translating a legal document accuratley, and how it must be delivered on time, with our strict quality assurance, we aim to deliver an excellent legal translation service.

Your data privacy is paramount to us, we can guarantee that your personal details will be kept safe and secure. If required, we can sign a Non disclosure agreement. 

We provide translation in 200 different languages. The documents are translated by an expert and professional linguists and translators who have extensive knowledge in a legal translation. Our translators are native speakers, so they translate according to their mother tongue, they are fast in achieving the required translation with high quality execution, as well as their experience in the different kinds of laws worldwide, and in the UK.

Our translation to a legal document particularly Is characterized by the high accuracy, deep understanding of the meaning, and the technical details of the text, to introduce a typical meaning of the translated documents.

We provide a wide range of legal translation services including:

1- Law-related translation: for example but not limited to: Family law, criminal law, statutory law, religious law, civil law, Common law, comparative law, Inheritance law, tax law, healthcare law, traffic law, copyright law, tax law, intellectual property law, bankruptcy law, real estate law, contract law, employment law, constitutional law, disability law, housing discrimination law, environmental law, Immigration law.

2- Legal documents translation: for example, but not limited to:  business documents, shareholders agreements, employment’s contract, loan agreements, Residential licenses, Confidentiality agreements, Property option agreements, witness statement, affidavit of eligibility for marriage form, acknowledgment of debt letter, complaint about Poor workmanship letter, Subscription to Shares Letter,  Statutory Demand Letter.

Our company certified by:

1- ISO 17100-The first quality standard specific for professional translation services.

2- ISO 9001- The international recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).


These certificates mean that our company made a lot of efforts to gain its excellent reputation as one of the best companies in legal translation services in London, and that it obeys a high standard to provide an accurate and high-quality translation by its professional translators. 

And that we always strive to develop our company, and improve the level of our translators to the degree that puts them in a high level of proficiency, and puts our company at the forefront of companies specialized in translation in general, and in a legal translation in particular, especially those related to the legal document translation services.

We treat our customers as they are unique, every client is a VIP person for our company. We appreciate your suggestions, feedback and even your complaint, as every note helps us to improve our performance and our different services in translation.