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Localisation Services

Lingo Service offers a high quality and professional localisation services that help businesses adjust their products to suit the local necessities with the best cultural adjustment. Get your free quote today.

We can easily and quickly translate all your business and software documents. Send us a file in one of the many formats we support and we'll do the rest, stripping your text from the file, re-inserting it after translation and then emailing it back with all the correct names, mark-ups and other data in place.

If you are looking to do business globally, we can also localise apps and software for your target market using our native, local translators. They not only ensure the language is technically and linguistically correct, they also make sure it makes sense within the target culture.

Localisation Services at Lingo Service

If you are selling products or services that require manuals or instructions for the users, you undoubtedly need localisation services of a reputed company to be able to communicate in a better and more meaningful manner with clients in foreign countries. Localisation services is a requirement that has become very common for most products and services.

When it comes to software, localising it in all important languages of the world seems to be a prerequisite. This is of course done to enhance the sense of using a product tailored to you. Lingo Service is one company that specialises in enhancing the localisation content of a product or service, be it software, medical translation, or any other technological product.

Software Localisation Service

This is the world of innovation and development of newer and better software to enrich the lives of individuals around the world. It is a fact that most software originates from just a few countries but is used across the world. It is now possible to make use of an automated service that translates the content of the software into any other world language, but we at Lingo Service know that localisation is something more than pure translation. Detailed localisation is reflected in the work of our professionals, making the product look and feel like it has been developed specifically for the requirements of a particular country.

Mobile Apps Localisation Service

Mobile apps is one field that has been a kind of revolution. These apps are developed in one language but they are intended to be used by people from many different countries. Lingo Service provides a high degree of mobile apps localisation services to increase the acceptance of mobile apps in foreign countries.