Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation Services

At Lingo Service Translations, we understand that marketing translation goes beyond words.

A good translation of a marketing text understands its tone, understated meanings and designs, adapting them to work in the target market and read as though they were written in the target language. This is the only way to ensure the meaning, flair and effectiveness of your original message is translated. Our marketing translation services employ professionals who know the target audience and are trained to localise marketing content.

Your original text is likely to be powerful and stylish, carefully thought out and well-written. A plain literal translation, though correct, will lack all these nuances. It could even completely change the meaning of your message, making it funny or offensive.

Boost your multilingual marketing campaign

We only ever use qualified native translators who have sound experience in creative writing and are thoroughly aware of the cultural and linguistic intricacies of the target market.

Furthermore we communicate with you at each stage of the translation to make sure we are in sync with your expectations.

Once your translation is finished, our team of in-house Desktop Publishing experts will work on the layout and deliver it in any of the following electronic file formats, depending on your translation project requirements.

For more details regarding marketing translation please contact us.