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Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage certificate is a formal declaration of two people being married. In many administrations, a government official issues this only after a civil registration. This certificate shows the marriage date as well as the full names and ages of the bride and the groom including their previous marital status.

The need of a marriage certificate translation

There are many reasons why these documents need to be translated. If a person is moving from a country to another marriage records and certificates are a must. In order to gain citizenship in the UK, having a valid marriage certificate with a UK citizen is another way in which it can be achieved. While applying for visa, translation of marriage certificates is a must.

Marriage certificate translation

Why should you hire a professional agency for your marriage certificate tranlation?

If your marriage certificates are to be submitted within UK, and the originals have been issued in a foreign country, a certified translation agency is best suited to handle the job. These professionals also offer certified translation of marriage certificate which can be used for any official requirement. A professional is also well trained and will provide you with a service that is comprehensive and quick, while guaranteeing accuracy.

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Why choose Lingo Service for your marriage certificate translation?

Here at Lingo Services, we provide professional certified translation services at a competitive price. Our translation services are accepted by almost all legal entities in the UK while also being deftly accurate. We are also a member of the ITI, and our team includes native speakers from various countries so that we can provide the best translation services for any and all languages. A quick turnaround time and provision for both personal and private services make our marriage translation services the best in the UK. We provide high-quality services of marriage certificate translation, and therefore if you are looking for a company providing marriage certificate translation UK has to offer, look no further than Lingo Services. No matter which language your original certificate is written in, we will translate it accurately. So instead of hesitating, book our services right away.