Audio – Visual Translations Service

Translations of audio and video material, such as online training courses, documentaries, conversations, presentations, and reports are easily accomplished with our experts. We offer a wide range of audio and video translation services perfect for businesses looking to translate video or audio packages. Whether you need to translate and voice an interview in multi-languages or dub a commercial for the global market, we can help.

Training Courses Translation

Training Courses

Documentaries Translation


Presentations Translation


Commercials Translations


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Voice-over Service

Our voiceover artists are native speakers with accents relevant to the target audience. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment, so you can rely on us for high-quality voiceovers every time.

Subtitling Service

We have a team of expert translators who are native speakers of their languages. They have the necessary skills and experience to translate your content accurately, ensuring that the subtitles are in sync with the video.


Transcription Service

Lingo Service can provide for all of your audio and video transcription needs. We have a dedicated and experienced transcription team to professionally handle all your transcription jobs using the latest software and technologies.