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Our website language translation service is at the core of our localisation services. We specialise in all CMS translations such as WordPress, Joomla and more.

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Website Translation and Localisation

Web content translation is the process of adapting internationalised website content to a specific country or market. The adaptations may include changing terminology, modifying graphics, and reworking layout elements such as navigation bars that contain language-specific text.

Localisation requires more than just replacing the text with translated equivalent. It involves translating terms, phrases, and idioms specific to a particular culture or region for your website visitors to understand what they mean when reading it on their screen.

Website translation and localisation services are a unique skill set that differs significantly from traditional word-for-word translation. You’ll need a group of qualified translators who speak your target language like it’s their mother tongue.

To ensure that your site content or app localisation initiatives are appealing to the countries where your brand message breaks into, you’ll require cultural expertise. You’ll also need a design eye to ensure that the final product looks as excellent in the target language as it does in the original.

Our extensive portfolio of experience in website translation services ensures that your translation is entrusted to the translator with the most necessary qualifications for your web content.

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CMS Translation

At Lingo Service, we have a team of expert technical gurus and developers who know exactly how to integrate translated content into different types of content management systems (CMS). Our technical experts, translators and project managers team together to insert the translated content into the desired CMS ensuring that everything is working as it should.

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Why Lingo Service?

When you need to translate the already existing content of your website to make it more accessible to users from different countries, Lingo Service is the trusted translation agency for you. The following reasons make us stand out from the crowd:

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