Telephone Interpreting

telephone Interpretering service

Telephone Interpreting Services

Lingo Service Translations offer a range of telephone interpreting services to meet the needs of our clients in London, Dubai and worldwide.

If you need a business meeting interpreted urgently, we have the qualified telephone interpreter who can work into and out of their mother tongue, to help you break down your language barrier.

What is telephone interpreting?

Carried out using a three-way or conference telephone call, telephone interpreting is an extremely flexible way for interpreting to be done. The interpreter can take notes throughout and once each portion of speech has been uttered, the interpreter re-speaks, consecutively, what has been said. 

Lingo Service also provide Skype interpreting service.

Who is telephone interpreting useful for?

It is useful when either the client or the interpreter are not located in the same country, and can be extremely flexible when you may have an urgent or unplanned event or appointment.

We also offer consecutive, simultaneous, whispered simultaneous and liaison interpreting.

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