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Official and certified translation services for diplomas and transcripts in over 200 languages.

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Furthermore, Our Certified Translations for diplomas and transcripts are accepted by the UK ENIC, (former NARIC), Home Office, the UK FCO and other UK authorities.

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Official Certified Translation for Diploma and Transcript in UK

An academic transcript is a document of academic record or a record of the achievements of a student issued by the University or board of studies. Certainly, It should include all the subjects studied and the relevant grades achieved in each. Yet, the paper should be letter-headed and official and should be stamped by the registry of the previous institute.

In Addition, transcript Translation is needed mainly when a foreign student is preparing to study in the UK. Evidently, he or she needs to undergo an elaborate paperwork process and the transcript is one of these. However, as the documents are not in English, these need to be translated through certified translation services.

Moreover, these transcripts need to be presented as a part of the application process to the host university and the transcript translation should be precise and exactly the same as the actual one. Comparatively, the subjects and grades should not be missed or entered inaccurately. Hence, professional translators are needed for this work. The aesthetic sense of the document should be retained as well.

Furthermore, If you need professional certified translation services for your diploma or transcript translation, you can always contact us. Indeed, we are a veteran in the document translation service industry and provide services without any complaints. Comparatively, we provide accurate and professional transcripts translation in more than 200 languages. Yet, the resources we have are sufficient to handle these translations. Although, our best service is the transcript translation service. Because, we do not miss out on any information like the name, age, registration number, subjects, grades, etc. Immediately, so please order our service, we are just a phone call away.

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Certainly, we provide professional certified translation services for diplomas, transcripts and official documents in over 200 languages.

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Lingo Service offers professional certificate translation for visa and citizenship applications including

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In addition, Lingo Service is a Member of the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Furthermore, we proudly maintain certification to ISO 9001 and 17001 standards. These achievements demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality translation and interpreting services while adhering to internationally recognized quality management practices.

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Lingo service is a professional translation service agency providing fast, accurate and reliable translation services to its clients. Furthermore, we value the time of our clients and understand how important the time factor can be for your translation requirements.

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