arabic transcription service

Audio Transcription Services

Lingo Service can provide for all of your audio and video transcription needs. We have a dedicated and experienced transcription team to professionally handle all your transcription jobs.

Our primary aim is to provide you with a professional transcription service at affordable rates. Our guarantee promises you a 98% accuracy rate for "good" audio files when there are no more than two speakers on the recording.

Once transcripts are completed by our skilled and experienced linguists, they go through a quality control process in which they are re-verified, proofread and reviewed to ensure accuracy.

Business Meeting Transcription

Our business transcription includes business meeting transcription, interview transcription, conference call transcription, dictation services and all types of business transcription.

Media Transcription

Video transcription, podcast transcription; we have the specialists for all your media transcription needs.

Academic Transcription

We can accept and convert all formats, from text-to-text transcription to digital transcription to audio transcription.

Special transcription services for all industries

We not only offer medical transcription and legal transcription, we can also provide sermon transcription, investigative transcription and insurance transcription. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Our reputation is based on our transparency, quality control, affordability and customer service. We strive to provide excellent transcripts in all areas and therefore have a diverse team of transcriptionists who are experts in their fields.

All our transcriptionists work in their native language which ensures high quality transcriptions. Lingo Service knows you need a company which is easy to work with and which provides accurate and affordable finished transcripts, so that's exactly what we do.