Translation Services 

Lingo Service is a multilingual language translation services provider within Cardiff, London and throughout the United Kingdom. We specialise in high-quality translations delivered within fast turnaround times, to suit your needs. Our clients range from small businesses to large international organisations and corporations, and so no matter the language or length of text you require, Lingo Service translation agency can provide the most cost-effective, high-quality translations in the shortest time possible.

When it comes to quality, you can rest assured that we at Lingo Service produce high-quality, accurate translations every time. Our translators are native to their target language and experts within their fields of specialism. So whether you require a translation for personal, or business use, you can be confident that our translators not only hold qualifications in translation but also within the legal, technical, or marketing sector.

Our translators pay keen attention to detail, ensuring that each translation is proofread after translation to ensure there are no errors. They are also trained to recognise various differences in language expression, dialect, and tone when translating. By using native speakers from various countries around the world, you can be confident that we'll be able to deliver tailored translations that are accurate in content and dialect, to suit your needs.

Translation Services we Offer

All of our translators have many years’ experience in translation, and so are fully up to date with the latest translation software and procedures. This means that we are able to deliver accurate, cost-effective translations within fast turn round times within the UK, to suit your needs. We will always assign you a project manager who will oversee your translation from start to finish, making any necessary changes that are required before completion, plus we are constantly investing time and money into acquiring the latest translation technology available on the market today.

Traditional translation agencies transform text-based content in one language directly to another. This basic service only touches a small part of what we provide here at Lingo Service. We strive to do so much more than basic translations for every client. For example, we also offer interpreting services, transcription, localization, and DTP. Although the list of work we do includes these and other options, our main goal is to deliver comprehensive and correct language services that not only allow for the understanding of basic content meaning but also for true in-depth written connection between people interacting profitably in a global market.

Translation Specialists, Experienced and Qualified

Our diverse client base appreciates the ability to create accurate and effective translations and interpretations of documents that cover many industries including medicine, law, finance, and marketing. Every client works with a dedicated project manager to handle your translation work and communication needs. Our rights are highly competitive, we guarantee accuracy, and deliver the completed documents quickly. The skilled linguist assigned to your project is specifically chosen for their specialized knowledge and experience of your industry. Different clients require an individual approach to their document translation needs. You get more than a simple word-for-word translation. Instead, the skilled and experienced transcription specialists ensure that the meaning and feeling of a translated document remains the same.

We Provide Multi-Language Translation Service Solutions

With our qualified translators we can confidently handle translations to and from any language, and we don't just mean the more popular languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, or Japanese, etc. but also a vast array of rarer languages as well. Request an instant quote and we'll show you how easy it is to get started or contact us to find out more about our translation project management systems.

Following years of working with businesses from around the world, Lingo Service has put together a network of translators, programmers, journalists, researchers, and advertising agencies that is best described as being 'top notch'; with extensive knowledge of online trends and behaviour (such as popular search engines and keywords in different parts of the world, etc.).

We Provide a Proofreading Service

Our trusted and experienced proof-readers prepare documents using the "track changes" function within Microsoft Word. Using this function means that you can move easily between changes, and accept any or all modifications proposed by the proof-reader. Corrections, suggestions and comments are shown in the margins, and are easily merged into your document.

This service is available to you as an ad hoc service, or as an optional extra with any translation project and is always worth thinking about!

Our Audio & Video Translation Services

Translations of audio and video material, such as documentaries, conversations and presentations, and reports are easily accomplished with our experts. This does of course assume decent audio quality!

We cover a wide variety of document types; whether it pertains to the field of legal, technical, medical or marketing. We offer a large number of languages, including rarer ones, so please ask about your language pairing.

We can appoint a team of researchers with the relevant language combinations and knowledge of your project, no matter its nature or size. This research will be tailor-made to meet your needs and goals, thanks to our international pool of qualified linguists and researchers. With their experience and varied backgrounds, Lingo Service is able to carry out market research in an array of languages, for your international interests

We specialise in an assortment or interpretation services, depending on what you require, including business, medical, and legal interpreting and whispered interpretation, with our screened and qualified interpreting professionals.