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You might be asking yourself, how much will it cost to translate my website and what are the benefits of translating a business website?

We at Lingo Service ensure that your website translation reads like marketing text written by a native speaker, while rendering all the technical details of the source text correctly.

All our linguists must possess the relevant academic qualifications and reach Lingo Service's quality standards. Our project managers assign translations to a team of translators and proofreaders that have extensive experience in your particular area of expertise. By doing this Lingo Service promises that your website translation will correctly use any industry-specific terminology present on the original site.

Website translation and localisation services

Lingo Service understands the importance of accuracy and cultural difference, especially when it comes to website translation, where technical precision is paramount. We will ensure that your website translation reads as marketing text written by a native speaker, conveying all the technical details of the source text correctly.

In addition to our website translation services, Lingo Service provides comprehensive services in all areas of technical translation.

HTML Localisation

Together with the basic translation of websites into all major languages, Lingo Service provides further-reaching website localisation services. This includes returning translated material in non-html formats, such as PHP, JSP, Flash, or JavaScript, as well as running full simulations of the translated website, guaranteeing it will be fully functional when you want to launch it.

Translation into some languages can be challenging as they may have different alphabets (i.e. Ukrainian, Russian, Thai), written direction (i.e. right-to-left languages such as Punjabi, Hebrew, Arabic), or characters (i.e. Japanese, Chinese). However, Lingo Service will also ensure that your foreign-language website displays correctly, even when presented with linguistic challenges.

Content Management System Translation 

We work with all popular website content management systems:

Joomla - WordPress - Drupal - All Web Portals

We also provide:
Logo Translation Service
Desktop Publishing
International Brand Checking Service

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