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For over a decade, Lingo Service has served as a trusted translation and interpretation company. We break language barriers and bridge cultural differences by utilising translation and interpretation technologies.

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Lingo Service offers legal translation services provided by experts with years of experience in translating a range of different types of documents, including contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), patent applications, and more.


Medical translation is one of the most specialised and important types of translation. It necessitates an in-depth understanding of medical terminology and the ability to convey complex concepts accurately and clearly.


Whether you need a financial statement, balance sheets, financial presentations or bank statement translation, we understand the requirements and regulations of the financial industry and you can count on Lingo Service for accurate results.


With a team of translators and a deep understanding of e-learning technologies and education systems, we specialise in localising your multilingual trainging courses with a applications such as Articulate 360.


Technical translation requires a high degree of precision and accuracy. Therefore, when translating technical manuals, MSDS, or product labels, it is essential to consider the terminology and cultural nuances of the target market.


Whether you have a new app, website, or software in development for your company, you need to have it translated to sell worldwide. This is where Lingo Service’s technology and software translation expertise come into play.

Case Studies

A brief analysis of some of our case studies, including the technologies we used, and the translation solutions we provided, enabled our clients to deliver their message in a multitude of different languages.

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