Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services are becoming more and more essential in our modern interconnected global world, where legal matters often go beyond national borders.

Whether you’re expanding your business across international borders, involved in cross-border legal disputes, or dealing with complex legal paperwork in a foreign language, the importance of accurate and detailed legal translation cannot be overstated.

Here at Lingo Service, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal translation solutions. Our dedication ensures that your legal documents undergo careful translation, with a focus on accuracy and a deep understanding of cultural differences.

legal translation services in London

Legal Translation Services in London

London serves as a vibrant hub for global commerce, attracting businesses from around the world to collaborate and conduct transactions.

In this dynamic environment, the need for translating legal documents such as court documents, contracts, business agreements, and dispute resolutions is essential for smooth operations. However, these documents often arrive in different languages, posing challenges to effective communication.

That’s where our legal translation services step in. With over a decade of experience in the translation industry, we possess the expertise needed to meet your requirements.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing precise and accurate translations of your legal documents, ensuring clarity and understanding across language barriers. Count on us to deliver the professional and dependable translation services you require for seamless global interactions.

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Lingo Service is trusted by UK and global law firms

Diverse Array of Legal Documents

Our Legal translation services cover a diverse range of document types, each requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. From contracts and court documents to official certificates and intellectual property filings.

The professional legal translators in our team play a crucial role in ensuring clear communication and understanding across linguistic and legal boundaries.

Legal Document File Formats

Legal documents often arrive in scanned versions rather than tidy editable text formats. This is where our pre-edit team excels in converting these documents into organized, editable formats that mirror the original layout.

Subsequently, our team of expert legal translators commences the translations, ensuring the final translated version perfectly matches the original, including layout, tables, charts, and any additional elements.

We handle all formats, including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Office files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)

  • Open Office files (ODT, ODS, ODP)

  • Adobe files (PDF, INDD, IDML, AI)

  • Text files (TXT, CSV, RTF)

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Why Lingo Service

Our legal translation services stand out from the crowd for many reasons, including:

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