Professional Certified Arabic Translation Services

Lingo Service is a London translation agency offering professional Arabic to  English translation services for individuals and corporates in the UK and worldwide.

We work with native Arabic translators who have the linguistic skills and expertise to translate from English into Arabic and deliver the best quality translations to our clients.

Arabic Translation services
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Certified Arabic Translators

Our Arabic translators are professional and certified with a minimum of 5 years of translation experience. However, we deliver top quality Arabic translation services for various sectors.

Legal Translation
NHS & Medical
Finance & Banking
e-Learning Translation
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Technology Translation

The Arabic Language

The 22 members of the Arab League speak Arabic as their official language. Furthermore, there are over 300 million Arabic native speakers in the world, with the majority living in the Middle East and North Africa. It is also one of the United Nations’ six official languages (UN).

In addition, the events in the Holy Qur’an, the Muslim’s sacred book, account for much of what is known about written, classical (or old) Arabic. Around the 7th century C.E., these events are claimed to have occurred. Much of the Arabic language was spoken before the Qur’an. To this day, the Qur’an is the cornerstone of the Arabic language.
The phrase Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) has become popular in recent years. With the exception of the insertion of current terms and minor variations in grammar constructs, MSA is nearly identical to the classical, formal Arabic of the Qur’an. MSA is the most prevalent version of Arabic, and it’s the one that’s taught in schools and colleges. It’s also the one that’s used the most.

Professional Arabic Translation Services in London UK

Certified Arabic Document Translation

Our translation is certified and accepted by the UK Government. Moreover, from Arabic certificate translation to Arabic legal document translations, you can rest assured your translation will be handled by professionals in the specific subject matter and terminology.

We translate all kinds of Arabic certificates. Here are some examples of the documents we translate from Arabic into any language and vice versa.

Birth Certificates

Identically, Birth certificate translations come with a stamped declaration to state the accuracy of the translation and information from the original document.

Marriage Certificates

Moreover, Officially approved certified translations for marriage certificates for UK Visa applications and other legal requirements.

Bank Statements

Additionally, Certified translations for bank statements and financial documents accepted by the Home Office and most UK authorities.

Transcriptions & Diplomas

We provide accurate and reliable certified translations for academic diplomas and transcripts in all major languages.

Divorce Certificates

Our certified translation services for divorce certificates can be completed in the same day for urgent requirements.

Medical Reports

Official and approved translation services for your medical reports to be submitted for legal or governmental requirements.

Professional Native Arabic Translators

Lingo Service work with professional translators who are native in all Arabic dialects such as (Classical Arabic, Saudi, Iraqi, Egyptian, Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan and Modern Standard)

Our project managers are native Arabic speakers and they understand the culture. We make sure the translation formatting is correct, providing a final Arabic translation of the highest quality.

Easy steps to order your Language Translation

  • Prepare a scanned copy or a good photo of the documents.

  • Upload them directly via our online form or email them to us.

  • One of our project managers will promptly reply with a quote.

  • Once you accept our quote and payment is received, we will begin the translation process.

  • You receive a certified digital copy via email and another hard copy in the post.

Translated File Formats

At Lingo Service, we can handle all types of supported file formats. However, once the translation is completed, a team of technical experts will make sure to deliver the translated materials in the same file format.

  • Microsoft Office files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)

  • Adobe files (PDF, INDD, IDML, AI)

  • Open Office files (ODT, ODS, ODP)

  • Text files (TXT, CSV, RTF)

Accurate and Reliable Translation

Lingo service is a professional translation service agency providing fast, accurate and reliable translation services to its clients. Additionally, we value the time of our clients and understand how important the time factor can be for your translation requirements.

Arabic Translation Services in London

Lingo Service offers Urgent Arabic Translation Services delivered within 24 hours, please contact our sales team for more details.

Fast Translation Quote

Let Lingo Service Translations be your trusted partner for all your legal translation needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and a quote tailored to your specific requirements. We look forward to helping you and aim to reply to all emails within 15 – 30 minutes during working hours, when possible.

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